Tonda Design

Tonda Design was born by meeting between two artistic and polyhedral figures, Melinda Massaro and Tonio Pede that, through art and a wise planning, create unique objects with original and essential style. The inspiration comes from the territory, rich in tradition and sensory starting points, that we find in every object hand made. The mission of Tonda Design is to create functional objects and able to tell the territory. Obejects that reveal the artist’s personality. The progressive soul of the brand, innovative and recognizable, appears from the continuous research of the materials and the constant experimentation of new forms.

Melinda Massaro is an “Informal Painter ” able of translating the abstract in substance. The inspiration for her works come from everyday life and the beauty of nature. In her art, the artist finds something intimate and personal to reveal to others. Painting, in her opinion, is like writing a diary page. For Melissa Tonda Design is not only dexterity and sinuous forms, but especially research and experimentation. It’s the common purpose to making the object an artwork.

Tonio Pede is an “wood Interpreter”, which considers the material par excellence . The inspiration for his work comes from the strong link with the territory of Puglia. His signature style consists of alternation between filled and empty spaces, in thicknesses of matter, tapered up to donate lightness to every artifact created . Tonda Design is for him exploration of new formal and material possibilities, but also a way to communicate the image of an extreme periphery of the world.


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